is a unique community consisting of cruising families
from all over the world.  We function as a cruising kid locator, homeschooling resource,  and much more. We offer everything from 1-pot recipes to research opportunities with oceanographic foundations.

As the site progresses we hope to come together to discuss and support one another, share relevant, up-to-date educational information, and build a foundation for lasting friendships for our globe-trotting children.

If you are currently a cruising family, please take the time to "Join the Crew!and add your location to the map.  If you have information to add to the site in any of the pages - email and get them added.  That's what the purpose is, lots of good information!!!  Don't be shy!!

-Erika Lelievre, m/v Seascape

(If you see only light blue on the map, you're in the middle of an ocean - zoom out)
Locations will be deleted if not updated in the last 6 months, unless specified otherwise

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